The History
New kid on the block? Not likely, NRI Electronics has its roots back to 1980, when a consultancy started working mainly in industrial electronics and SCADA systems. At that stage the business was called Northern Rivers Industrial Electronics and later became a full Company with the name NRI Electronics PL.
What's Happening
Takeover Environment Information Technology PL.
New Irrigation Control Software
Online Charting and Setup Tools
Website Themes by CoffeeCup Software
Advances in Product Redesign
As of July 2012, NRI Electronics took over all Environment Information Technology (EIT) operations, support, design and products.

Please contact NRIE for any ongoing support or information.

Some of the legacy website information is available here.
This website is slowly being constructed. Our priority has been to rejuvinate the products and services previously offered by Environment Information Technology. Good progress is being made and some information is available on the Products page.
Contact Details


PO Box 20
0427 068 257

Environmental monitoring at its best
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