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Environment Information Technology (EIT)
The Company which purchased EIT some 4 years ago, Genesis Corporate Services, was working to a great idea, which was to bundle 5 or more environmentally oriented businesses under one corporate banner and share financial, marketing, OH&S and all those common things which small companies find hard to do on their own.

Unfortnately the experiment did not work out, and the group disintegrated. NRI Electronics took back all the stock, good will, designs etc owned by EIT and has spent some time regrouping and building the Company up again.

Our first priority was to provide support for the large ammount of EIT equipment which is in service. That was done with the establishment of a small workshop and a linked data base which allows technicians and admin to access the service records. We made the decision to get the relevant records back to the customer showing what happened during service. That seems to be bedded down and working OK.

I was necessary to build up some stock of the main EIT devices, this was generally done using the EIT logo and enclosures. The next runs of the equipment should see this moved over to the new NRIE logos but basically the equipment will be the same.

The basic Datatenna 433MHZ radio link which has been such a solid performer for EIT over the years was redesigned and moved to a new enclosure. It certainly looks more streamlined but was also changed to make it easier to manufacture so we could hold the costs down. That new design is now in service and sporting the NRIE logo and colours.

In all this we have been a bit slow in updating the NRIE website, that is beginning to happen now. You can still access some of the old EIT legacy information at The usefulness of that site is limited and will be shut down in the future.