Some Examples of NRIE Online Charting
This is the medium size chart, a 1200*400 pixel viewing area
This is the small chart, a 800*300 pixel viewing area
This is the tiny chart, a 600*200 pixel viewing area

The charts obtain their data from a web based csv file. NRIE provide a setup utility to configure the charts. Click here to see the configuration page. Note: That page is disabled so as to prevent these charts getting scrambled.

The data shown here is being obtained from a water quality installation using NRIE data aquisition equipment. The information is transmitted via 3G modem to an FTP server. An NRIE server side scrip processes the data and converts it to a typical csv file suitable for loading into Excel.

The charts are interactive and should work on most browsers. Each chart can have up to 4 variables assigned and each one can be selected to initially display when the page is loaded.

The mouse can be used to pan around the display providing the Time Select checkbox is clear. If it is set the mouse is used to scribe out a time zoom to period.

The CrossHair checkbox will turn the mouse tooltip display into a moveable crosshair which will display all the trace values.

Redraw will redraw the chart, showing the initial number of days setup in the utility.

The All Data button will display the complete data set.

Download the Excel Data