Smart Base Additions to the Probe Link
Smart Base will be a new feature of the NRI Electronics range of products. This product helps with the
installation of the simplified Probe Link controllers and will also provide features which were not previously
available with the legacy products.

Since the Probe Link is basically a smart antenna system and will normally be positioned well above ground
level, the Smart Base provides other functions which are normally required nearer to the ground or in reach of an

These functions are the power supply, normally provided by 12 volt battery, the solar charge controller and
connections to the probes. The user can provide these to their own requirements and there is no need to use the
Smart Base, but it should be considered as a cost effective way of providing these functions.

The basic Smart Base will be a circuit card containing a terminal strip for sensors, a solar regulator, battery
connection and a DB9 connector for setting up the Probe Link via iCommunicator.

Other versions of the Smart Base will be progressively offered. Features to be added will be;

Bluetooth connectivity for iCommunicator
Inputs for counters such as raingauges
Inputs and outputs for pump and solenoid monitoring and control
Data recording
Photo shows the smartBase2 card containing the solar regulator, DB9 communications to the probeLink controller, the optional Bluetooth module and the main sensor and power connector. This connector has ample space for connecting three probes, solar and battery without having to commit multiple wires to any one terminal. The plug in terminal strip can be removed to power down the system or remove the smartBase card without disconnecting wires.
The smartBase is mounted to a horizontal DIN rail using a clip at the back of the mounting plate. Several smartBase cards with differing functions can be placed alongside one another on the DIN rail.