New Range of Hardware and Software Under Test
The new Probe Link electronics is contained in the weatherproof 90 * 35 mm die cast enclosure on which the antenna is mounted. This
allows for the antenna to be positioned well off the ground and in good line of sight to the rest of the network.

A multicore cable connects through the bottom of the enclosure and is taken to a source of power and the probes closer to ground level.
We recommend having a small weatherproof enclosure with terminals for connecting up to three SDI-12 probes, battery, solar panel and
regulator. NRI Electronics is able to provide several versions of a suitable device which contains these features or you can provide
something to your own requirements.

The Probe Link is configured in several ways;

With a matching radio modem the device can be configured using iCommunicator from a PC somewhere in the radio network. This
feature allows centralised configuration and supervision of the network.

A modified DB9 connector cable can be wired into the SDI-12 network with the sensors and iCommunicator can use this connection to
talk directly to the device

We will be providing a bluetooth link on some versions of the Smart Base devices. This will allow the user to run iCommunicator on a
notebook or tablet PC and connect directly to the Probe Link if they are in bluetooth range, which is about 10 metres. An Android version
of iCommunicator is scheduled for release and this will allow connection through an Android smartphone or tablet.

Initially we are releasing a 433 MHZ version of the Probe Link which is legacy compatible with all EIT Datatenna IPC installations. It is
currently under pre production testing. A 151 MHZ version with extensive radio range will also be released. Since there are no existing
legacy product using 151 MHZ, this will be used for new installations.

We expect to release a 920 MHZ version shortly after which will be compatible with older 920 MHZ XStream installations.
NRI Electronics released a new version of its Datatenna Link last year. This was a new packaging with full tranceiver functions on the 433 MHZ license free radio band. The intention was always to expand on that new design, leverage the smaller, elegant packaging and create a full range of communication products which were initially compatible with the older EIT products and which would provide a solid development base for advanced designs.

The first of these products, NRIE Probe Link is now close to release. There has been a great deal of design effort in creating a product which is future proof. At the completion of current field trials the Probe Link will be available in both 433 and 151 MHZ versions.

Building on this platform, we will be releasing a 900 MHZ spread spectrum design and also a WiFi version.

New hardware demanded new software and the iCommunicator PC based software for configuring the new links is now available for download. It works well with the older EIT controllers and is a replacement for the older Universal software.
And the excitement mounts with the decision to release cloudLink - the final web connect component