NRIE Irrigation Monitoring and Control
NRIE have completely revamped an older irrigation monitoring and control system which was based on the Citect SCADA platform. The entry cost for installing Citect was always a problem with that product.  It was ported to another, very affordable, SCADA package called DAQFactory.
The NRIE Precision Irrigation System (PIS) operates from a standard PC running any current Windows version. It can use many proprietary devices as remote terminal units (RTU's), which monitor soil moisture and other parameters, but specifically it is designed to function with the NRIE range of IPC's, in particular the new Probe Link.

PIS has an easy to follow layout containing a home page showing overall information, a pump house display, timer setup, automatic block control and detailed block displays showing current and historical block data. The easy look interface navigates between these pages;

Pump House

Timer Setup


Block Display

System Tools


Save and Exit
Some sample pages (normally full screen)
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