iCommunicator - New IPC Control Software
NRI Electronics has been very busy these last months bringing many of the old EIT designs into the year 2014.

Another example of this is the replacement for the old Universal controller configuration software. Called iCommunicator, it will be the configuration platform for the new range of probe and sensor controllers which will emerge from NRI Electronics over the next few months.

iCommunicator is built to accomodate advances in the Windows operating system and also to provide quicker and more advanced functions for the new range of controllers.

iCommunicator installs easily and has been a complete makeover of the older software
A beta test version of iCommunicator is now available for download at https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvemz9ga5rgh356/iCommunicator.exe
Why not give it a run. It works fine with all the older versions of the probe controllers and can be used as a replacement for Universal.
Please feed any issues, comments or ideas back to contact@nrie.com.au