Announcing cloudLink 2

cloudLink 2 is one of two new devices
which will eventually replace the older
EIT xTech controller/recorder.

After a long evaluation of potential
equipment we have settled on a purpose
built, flexible design which will allow the
use of several forms of cloud
communication including short burst
satellite data through the Irridium
network as well as normal 3G and 4G

It maintains the low operating power of
the xTech, all the recording and alarm
functionality and much more. Provision
has been made to save recorded data to
an SD card for processing elsewhere.
Announcing cloudLink 1

The baby sister of the main unit will be more limited in functions but this will be reflected in
a much lower price. Essentially it will collect data from the probLink or netLink network and
transfer it to an FTP server for data recording and processing using tools such as nChart